My work experience week

I’m Eleanor, a year 10 student that attends Hanham Woods Academy. When I leave school, I would like to go into the police or housing management. Whilst looking for work experience placements, I came across United Communities and decided to send them an e-mail requesting a placement. They got back to me straight away confirming the placement and set me all the details needed for my week of work.

During my week of work experience, I have been in the office and out and about with staff, learning and encountering lots of new things. 

On Monday morning, I was introduced to everybody and discussed in brief details their roles and area of work. I then had an office tour by the HR Manager where we discussed my schedule for the week. After that, I sat with the Compliance and Health and Safety team talking to them about the jobs that they do everyday. During the afternoon, I sat with the Development team discussing the building projects that they are working on and what they have accomplished over the last few years. Then I went out and about with the Project Surveyor and Communities Manager so that they could show me what they plan to do with a bit of land in the upcoming 3 years.

On Tuesday, I was with the Housing Team all day doing a variety of different things. During the morning, a Housing Officer took me to court with them to witness what happens when tenants don’t pay their rent. Then in the afternoon, I went out with another Housing Officer doing Tenancy Audits and then we visited a tenant making sure everything was okay.

First thing Wednesday morning, I went to a staff briefing which they have every 6 weeks, to discuss upcoming events and other organisational news. Then for most of the rest of the day, I shadowed Reception learning all the skills it requires to be a receptionist and the jobs you have to do within the day. During the last couple of hours of the day, I shadowed the Surveyors and they informed me about what they do for the company.

On Thursday, I attended one of the most important Finance meetings of the year where they were discussing all the Financial aspects of United Communities. After the meeting, I sat with the Finance Assistant gaining information about the jobs they have to do and the skills that are required for the job. I then sat with the Corporate Services Officer leaning about the role within the company and then working with her on the computer. During the afternoon, I went out and about with the Communities team travelling to all the different locations where they are planning to build new properties.

On my last day at United Communities, I went with the Tenancy Impact team leaning more about their roles and how they help with improving the tenants lives. I then was taken to The Orchard Coffee and Co, which is a cafe in St George, by the Housing manager to discuss their plans for the land they had been gifted with by the United Communities. Then i returned to the office and sat with the Communications and Events Coordinator learning about how they get in touch with the tenants and how they advertise upcoming events.

I have really enjoyed my week here with United Communities, all of the people that work here have been so welcoming and nice towards me. I have learnt so much this week and for that I am so grateful. I will leave this workplace with so much knowledge and experience than what I came in with.

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