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UC Statement on Diversity and Equality

We have thought long and hard about our response to the appalling and violent death of George Floyd in America and the continuing racism, inequality and injustice facing people across Bristol, the rest of the UK and the world.

Our response is simple and unequivocal………Black Lives Matter.

Our diversity makes us stronger

United Communities is immensely proud to have our roots firmly within Bristol’s BAME communities. We celebrate the fact that we have a diverse group of colleagues and residents. Our diversity makes us stronger.

We are at an important moment, which we cannot ignore or let pass. We want to live in a society that values all human life equally. For that to happen, we need to show that this is true through our actions as well as our words.

Housing plays a fundamental role

We recognise that housing plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life. It influences social and economic opportunities, health, and wellbeing. We believe that working for equality means striving for better opportunities, resources and decision-making for staff, customers, and communities. Being aware of and proactive about our customers’ diversity will help to ensure we provide the right services in the right way.

Ensuring our actions back up our words

United Communities is actively reviewing our Diversity and Equality Strategy, and we will make sure that our actions back up our words. We are committed to ensuring our communities and our workplace are diverse, equal, and inclusive, and are places where everyone feels they belong and has the opportunity to succeed.


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