Planning for Christmas

What is the secret to a stress free Christmas that will not break the bank?


A bit of planning, some good tips and willingness to try a few different ideas could be just the recipe!


Top tips

  • Plan ahead
  • Make a budget (and stick to it)
  • Use cash when possible (easier to tarck your spending and keep to that budget)
  • Try the “Demohohotivator” and free up some cahs for Christmas
  • Consider sign a Pre-NUPP with your friends… a No Unnecessary Present Pact!
  • Suggest a Secret Santa for the adults in your family and agree a budget. Everyone can then concentrate on finding the best present for the person you picked.
  • Check out supermarket Christmas savings cards.
  • Make a list of food and drinks and stock up on long life items when they are one offer.
  • If you are sending cards or presents, check postage deadlines and post them early second class.
  • Use your points! Have you got a Nectar, Boots or Tesco clubcard? Use them!

Information supplied by North Bristol Advice Centre

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