A life changing transformation

Horfield residents Cagney & Robin have just had a major refurbishment of their home completed. The extension was built by United Communities for Cameron, their 11 year old son who has cerebral palsy that affects his movement and ability to communicate.

The family have lived at their home in Horfield for 10 years. When Cameron was a baby carrying him up and down the stairs wasn’t a problem but as he grew it became more difficult and more distressing for Cameron. After numerous attempts to find a more appropriate property they decided to request a conversion. United Communities along with Bristol City Council funded an extension including wet room, bedroom, changing facilities and hoist.

It’s taken persistence from the family to get exactly what Cameron needs and it’s not always been plain sailing. Camerons dad said

“it’s taken 2 years when we were originally told that it would be 4 months! But, it’s been worth it, and we’re so grateful”.

Delays were caused by problems with the sewage network under the house and that added additional costs and time scale. The family have been so patient and have never given up their effort to get the best possible outcome for Cameron and have now got a home that is fit to take them all in to the future.

Camerons mum said

“He loves it! It’s made such a massive difference to Cameron. Especially as he is getting older, it’s given him more privacy which is what all teenage boys want. Before he was sharing a room with his brother and had no peace and quiet. Now he has his own space with everything he needs.”

The adaptations and equipment fitted means that the family can care for Cameron with ease, allowing them to spend more time together as a family.

It’s also been a learning curve for United Communities. Tony Locke, Senior Surveyor at United Communities said

“We have never done an adaptation of this scale in one of our properties and there were points that we said no or thought we would have to pull the project. But at the end of the day everyone involved had Cameron’s best interest at heart and we wanted to get it right for him.”

The family want everyone to know how pleased they are and gave special thanks to their Occupational Therapist Lesley Spring and Bristol City Councillor, Estella Tincknell.

Camerons bedroom cropped

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