LaunchPad – Alexandra Park

We are hoping to build an innovative development on the car park at the bottom of Alexandra Park, Fishponds BS16.

LaunchPad housing is for the young independent adult, ready for a new start in life in modern and inspired accommodation.  It is here to help people break out of student rentals, supported housing or overpriced accommodation.

LaunchPad is an innovative collaboration between 1625 Independent People, University of Bristol Students Union and United Communities.  We aim to bring people together, helping to increase diversity in communities and build wellbeing for the best start in life.


We believe in solutions that support a young person’s journey and which create a better sense of community in Bristol.  By integrating young people who are particularly passionate about connecting with others and proactively building community is one step toward our end goal.

LaunchPad will:

  • Be sensitive to surrounding homes
  • Be in keeping with the local environment
  • Add to the community
  • Back on to the playing fields
  • Make better use of the car park where it is being built
  • Add value to the physical neighbourhood/environment

We are looking to apply for planning and start work on the site in spring  2019 with young people moving in from September 2019.

For more information email:

You can download the public consultation boards HERE



If you are a student interested in taking part in the project please complete the expression of interest form HERE and return it to


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