Innovative partnership launched

South West Associations Create New Homes Repairs Service


United Communities and Alliance Homes Group (AHG) are launching a new joint venture this month. April 9th 2018 marks the first official day of our new Home Repairs Service (HRS).

The two Housing Associations have created a new company to deliver repairs and maintenance services to all customers in order to take advantage of significant savings and deliver a better quality service that is bespoke to the needs of our customers.

United Communities are joining the already successful and high performing service AHG supply their customers with.

AHG has a strong track record in delivering great customer care, customer satisfaction is high at 94%.

United Communities has historically relied on contractors to supply their repairs services. Having their own team of operatives / trades people has been financially unviable in the past, but by joining forces with Alliance Homes Group they are able to take advantage of the considerable savings that employing a direct work force offers whilst offering continuity of service to customers across all trades.

Louise Swain, Chief Executive, Alliance Homes Group said:

This partnership will further strengthen both organisations and we’re delighted to be working with United Communities to deliver home repairs for our customers.

The business model has been set up to allow for expansion. The hope being that in the future other organisations may benefits from the cost savings and quality service delivered by the new entity. This model offers an alternative to merger, allowing organisations to retain their own identity whilst taking advantage of the cost savings that economise of scale bring.

“Setting up the new Home Repairs Service is  ‘win win’ for United Communities. We can benefit from access to a wider pool of  skilled  trades people and can invest in the  company knowing that our customers will gain  from this investment over the years. It’s definitely a creative alternative to a merger allowing both organisations to retain their identity.”

Oona Goldsworthy, CEO of United Communities


Your questions answered

Who are Alliance Homes Group?

Like United Communities, Alliance Homes Group (AHG) is a community based social housing provider. They operate in North Somerset and manage around 6,500 homes. As well as providing homes, they also provide a range of care and support services.

Why are we partnering with AHG?

AHG already employ a direct labour force to carry out their repairs and it is this team that we will be using to deliver our services from now on. This means their teams are trained to a standard set by the Housing Association and understand that some of our tenants have particular needs.

AHG have very high customer satisfaction levels and will expect the new partnership to deliver the same levels of satisfaction to our customers

What are their customer satisfaction scores?

In a survey conducted in the first half of 2017 by AHG 91.2% of respondents are very or fairly satisfied with the repair and maintenance service (72.8% very satisfied and 18.4% fairly satisfied). Compared with United Communities 71%

What will change?

From a tenants perspective not a lot will change. The way you report repairs will be the same; same number, same website, same email address. You might see different workman turning up to carry out repairs but they will all have ID that identifies them as United Communities / AHG trades people. Operatives will be using AHG branded vans.

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