Income Management team

The United Communities Income Management Team is here to help you pay your rent on time every time, in a way that is the easiest for you.  We can help set up direct debits or standing order, we can take payments over the phone or you can call into our offices to pay your rent.  PLEASE DON’T BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND If you experience difficulty in paying your rent, IGNORING THE PROBLEM WILL NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY!  Call Income Management on 0117 942 4600 option 2.

The earlier you contact us the faster we are able to help and stop the problem from growing out of control.  If you think you may have a problem, get in touch we are here to help.  If we can’t offer the support and assistance that you require we will put you in touch with one of the specialist debt agencies we work with and they will be able to provide more in depth financial advice and guidance.

It is not in our interests to evict you from your home, however it is your RESPONSIBILITY to PAY your RENT on time every time, so where there are debts on your rent account, we will go through the legal process to ensure you pay us any rent or rent debts owed and you may be putting your home at risk should you fail to maintain payments.

We are a small association and every penny we collect goes to back into providing good quality housing and excellent services for all our tenants.

In the past 6 weeks, we have:

  • EVICTED 2 families due to NON PAYMENT OF RENT;
  • Had 5 adjourned EVICTIONS, where the tenant has 28 days to pay a set amount before going back to the COUNTY COURT, this will help the judge decides if the tenant should keep or LOSE their home;
  • Had 3 EVICTIONS stayed, where the judge has decided to give the tenant one more chance to PAY their rent and clear the rent debt they owe;
  • Had 23 FAMILIES in court for FAILURE to pay rent which have resulted in the judge granting a COURT ORDER telling the tenant to pay their rent to us and clear the rent debt by regular instalments. In some cases the Judges has decided that the Families have 28 days to either pay all the RENT DEBTS they owe us or move out.  All 23 cases had to pay the court cost of £250, an extra debt for not paying the rent on time!

Further information can be found by contacting us and there is also an online benefit cap calculator here.

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