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Oona Down Under – Episode 3

Posted on: 4 December

Week three continued on the road and finished off in Melbourne with  developer Panos Miltiadou from Lucent Capital, who is working on ways of blending low return projects with high ones in order to attract bank finance whilst supporting innovative and more affordable housing, including Nightingale, which I talked about last week. He was interested […]

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Oona Down Under – Episode 2

Posted on: 27 November

One week on and I’m in Melbourne during the hottest Spring days in history. Even the locals are complaining! Despite this I’ve been to see some amazing projects and have been made really welcome. Such is the concern about housing inequality and the collapse of the Australian dream that everyone wants to talk about it. […]

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Oona Goldsworthy awarded WCMT funding

Posted on: 8 November

United Community Chief Executive Oona Goldsworthy has been granted prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust funding to research ethical rented housing models for young people. Oona will be travelling to Australia, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to research ethical rented housing models for young people. The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has awarded 10 Travelling Fellowships to people dedicated to […]

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