United Futures

Our 5 year plan 2019 – 2024

Since United Communities was created five years ago we have achieved the financial strength to build an ambitious 500 new homes. We feel very proud of this.

Behind this success is our focus on the skills and experience of residents to influence everything we do. We are a community-based housing association that supports and leads community enterprise. We put people at our heart, not as an add-on but as a central force for action. This will continue to be our focus over the next five years.



With the UK housing crisis showing no sign of easing, it is more important than ever that we continue to provide as many new affordable homes as possible. This ambition sits alongside our aim to maintain the homes we have to a high standard. We are committed to high quality, safe,  affordable, up-to-date homes that meet the expectations of residents.

To develop this five-year plan we worked with residents, staff and Board members. We set out the type of organisation we want to be, the number of homes we will build and the areas of work that we think is most important up to 2024. United Futures provides the detail for this vision and defines our plan in terms of people, customer satisfaction, new homes, the quality of homes and how we will remain financially strong.

You can read the plan in full by clicking the image below.


United Futures Front cover

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