Our mission, vision and values

Our purpose

Alongside our partners we will work tirelessly to meet the need for affordable homes in a way which will help to regenerate our core communities and work with our residents, to provide More Than Just A Roof.

Our priorities

  1. Develop an additional 500 homes over the next 5 years, of which at least 70% will be affordable and within our target communities.
  2. Sustain at least 75% of our existing homes as rented and affordable.
  3. Develop and manage all types of housing and property if this helps us to achieve our purpose.
  4. Proactively make the best use of all our properties to maximise the provision of new homes.
  5. Be efficient in everything we do, so that we can dedicate up to 20% of our surplus to provide residents with More Than Just a Roof.
  6. Focus our More Than commitment on outcomes in our communities which make full use of resident’s skills and aspirations.
  7. Listen to our staff and residents so that they feel valued and have an effective voice in the strategic decisions we make and can co-design our services.

Our guiding principles

To make sure we achieve this we will:

  • Strive to be the best we can be
  • Be creative in our approach, eager to learn and try new things
  • Be honest and open and do what we promise
  • Provide quality customer services, defined by residents
  • Support and value residents for their strengths
  • Run a sound and ethical business

How we’ll behave

We will:

  • Act professionally, be honest and fair and keep our promises
  • Show respect for each other and our customers
  • Act as one team- take responsibility for delivering a great service, even if it’s not our job
  • Be polite, helpful and kind and have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Be tolerant and learn when things don’t always go right
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