More Than Just a Roof

More than logoOur commitment

We want tenants to make the most of their talents, and we will work with tenants to help them achieve their goals and feel more in control of their future.  In return, we expect tenants to commit to working with us, making the most of the opportunities on offer and helping to make our neighbourhoods great places to live.

We’ll use our ‘More Than’ approach to support you to sustain your tenancy.  We will also help you with any aspirations you have towards finding work, training as well as volunteering to make a positive contribution to your community.

In return for providing our tenants with a home, good repair service and support when they need it, we need them to pay rent on time, allow access for repairs and gas safety, and to live peacefully in our communities. We want our neighbourhoods to be safe and enjoyable places to live. Our ‘More Than’ commitment requires tenants to be respectful to neighbours and not to cause anti social behaviour (ASB).

We want to be able to help tenants sustain their tenancies; pay rent on time and live as independently as possible.

Customer care

We are committed to providing excellent customer service to all our customers. – see our customer service standards outlined in our Residents’ Handbook.

Influencing what we do – resident engagement

We want residents to tell us what they think. We are committed to providing opportunities for tenants to influence the decisions we make as an organisation, please see our Get Involved page HERE for more information.

Advice and support

Tenancy Support

Employment & training

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