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Housing Team

  • Glynis Morris

    PG Dip Housing and Community Renewal, CIHCM
    Housing Manager

    Glynis joined UC in August 2015 and has worked in benefits, customer service and Housing for the past 30 years in a variety of management roles. In her role as Housing Manager, she manages a team of Housing Officers and Assistants ensuring that rent collection is kept to a maximum and that arrears are managed effectively.  Glynis’ aim is to help tenants sustain their tenancies long term.

    Contact Glynis Morris

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: glynis@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Jonathan Williams

    Senior Housing Officer

    Contact Jonathan Williams

    Email: jonathanw@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Zoe White

    Housing Officer (on maternity leave)

    Zoe joined United Communities as an Income Recovery Assistant in 2014 and is now working as Housing Officer managing a patch in the Bristol area.  Zoe loves being out in her community supporting tenants and swiftly dealing with issues the local community and individuals may be facing. Zoe’s role includes carrying out regular estate inspections and takes prompt action to deal with issues such as untidy gardens, abandoned vehicles, flytipping, graffiti and anti-social behaviour.

    Contact Zoe White

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: zoe@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Matt Punter

    Housing Officer (Maternity Cover)

    Contact Matt Punter

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: matthewp@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Laura Rogers

    Housing Officer

    Laura has been working for the organisation for several years and in her role as Tenancy and Estate Officer she manages a patch in the Bristol area.  Laura carries out regular estate inspections and takes prompt action to deal with issues such as untidy gardens, abandoned vehicles, flytipping, graffiti and anti-social behaviour.  Laura also carries out mutual exchange and sign up appointments and monitors and effectively deals with any breaches of tenancy agreements.

    Contact Laura Rogers

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: laurar@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • David Oteng

    Housing Officer

    David is one of our Housing Officer, and his day to day work is taken up monitoring and maintaining rent agreements. David also helps tenants understand and work through any particular rent difficulties face to face and over the phone, also researching and providing information for debt support agencies.

    Outside of work David likes to concentrate on his charity work.

    Contact David Oteng

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: davido@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Katie Oxenham

    Housing Officer

    Contact Katie Oxenham

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: katie@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Ella Tailor

    Housing Officer

    Ella joined our team as Housing Assistant in 2015 and has worked her way up to Housing Officer. She works with our tenants to help them sustain their tenancy and keep up to date with the rent, as well as provide support dealing with ASB and other tenancy issues. She also enjoys getting involved with community events.

    Contact Ella Tailor

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: ella@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Alex Phillips

    Housing Officer

    Contact Alex Phillips

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: alex@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Sarah Whitelam

    Lettings Coordinator

    Sarah joined United Communities in August 2014  first working as part of the Properties team as Maintenance & Servicing Coordinator. She then went on to work for almost a year on reception as Customer Service Officer. In November 2015 she moved over to the Housing team and became Lettings Coordinator.

    Sarah over sees the letting process from receiving the initial notice through to handing the property over to the incoming resident.  Sarah will also manage all mutual exchange and transfer applications.

    Sarah is friendly and approachable and always happy to help!

    Contact Sarah Whitelam

    Phone: 0117 9319773 Email: sarahw@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Steve Pearce

    Housing Assistant

    Steve joined the team at the beginning of 2006. He worked as Estates Caretaker for 10 years before coming in to the office to work as Housing Assistant. He is a fountain of knowledge and knows our patches, and Bristol, like the back of his hands.


    Contact Steve Pearce

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: stevep@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Ella Tainton

    Housing Assistant

    Contact Ella Tainton

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: ella.tainton@unitedcommunities.org.uk

Tenancy Sustainment

  • Amy Oxenham

    BSc Social Work
    Tenancy Sustainment Manager

    Amy has been with us since 2011. She started off as Tenancy Sustainment Officer and was promoted in Nov 2014 to be the team leader. This means she manages the tenancy sustainment team, as well as Roshni Ghar, our sheltered scheme in Easton. She still provides support to residents, helping them remain in their homes by assisting with tenancy related issues, budgeting, income maximisation, low level debt and employment support. In addition she also assists residents who are moving into new properties with resettlement support.

    Contact Amy Oxenham

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: amy@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Bill Keywood

    Tenancy Impact Officer

    Bill joined United Communities in January 2016. Back then she was our Customer Service Advisor,  greeting tenants and guests on reception. She joined the Communities Team in 2017 as our first Tenancy Impact Officer. She now helps tenants who are struggling in one or more aspects of their life and helps them get back on track.

    Contact Bill Keywood

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: bill@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Nicola Burnham

    Tenancy Impact Officer
  • Catherine Davidson

    Social work student placement

    Contact Catherine Davidson

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: catherine@unitedcommunities.org.uk

Communities Team

  • Jayne Whittlestone

    MSc CIOH
    Communities Manager

    Jayne joined the United Communities team in October 2013.

    Jayne supports residents and helps them to take an active role in both their community and the Association. Jayne works with the team, aiming to get to know as many residents as possible, understand their needs and requirements so we can provide support to our residents and local communities.

    Contact Jayne Whittlestone

    Phone: 0117 944 0590 Email: jaynew@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Becky Whitmore

    Events and Communications Coordinator

    Contact Becky Whitmore

    Phone: 01179703073 Email: becky@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Aletia Shaw

    Vision and Values Officer

    Contact Aletia Shaw

    Phone: 01179 424 600 Email: aletia@unitedcommunities.org.uk

Property Services Team

  • Tony Locke

    Senior Maintenance Surveyor

    Tony has been in the building industry for over 20 years as a contractor, (including working in the social housing sector) and joined United in early 2012 as a Reactive Repairs Surveyor. He was promoted in August 2014 to Senior Surveyor for Planned Works and now plans and schedules the replacement of kitchens, windows, doors, bathrooms etc, as well as overseeing the day to day duties of the Repairs surveyors. Tony is also responsible for the management of the asbestos data base to make sure United Communities are compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


    Contact Tony Locke

    Phone: 0117 931 9770 Email: tony@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Sue Harvey

    Facilities and Compliance manager

    Sue started working for us in 2013 and brings over 20 years of experience in customer service. In her role she looks after the Repairs and Maintenance Team, making sure repair orders and safety checks are processed efficiently.

    Contact Sue Harvey

    Phone: 0117 931 9789 Email: sue@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Elly Weale

    BSc (Hons) Building Surveying
    Response Repairs Surveyor (Part time)

    Elly graduated from University with a BSc (hons) Building Surveying in 2009. For the last five years she has worked in  Local Authority and Housing Association repairs departments, typically carrying out reactive repairs inspection, managing void property refurbishment in order to meet the lettable standard, mutual exchange and right to buy/acquire inspections. Elly joined United Communities in October 2014 to experience working in a smaller community based association and to gain new skills, as part of her role, she will be involved in day to day maintenance and one off projects.

    Contact Elly Weale

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: elly@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Justin Daniels


    Contact Justin Daniels

    Email: justin@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Stacey McDonald

    Maintenance and Servicing Coordinator

    Stacey joined United Communities in January 2015 and brings years of customer service experience from previous roles in various organisations.  Her daily duties involve being a first point of contact for residents on the telephone, dealing with repair queries and raising orders.

    Contact Stacey McDonald

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: repairs@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Nicola Stanley

    Repairs Coordinator

    Contact Nicola Stanley

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: repairs@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Megan Tavener

    Customer Service Advisor

    Contact Megan Tavener

    Phone: 0117 9424 600 Email: megan.tavener@unitedcommunities.org.uk

Business Development Team

  • Sarah McQuatt

    Regeneration and Partnerships Lead

    Sarah keeps busy by running our development programme that builds our new homes, managing our community investment projects that help neighbourhoods improve the ares where they live, and overseeing the ways our customers influence our services through our resident involvement opportunities.

    With a background in planning and surveying, Sarah has worked in public, private and voluntary sectors as a Regeneration Practitioner.

    Sarah is always interested in hearing any good ideas you might have about  the way we could work to improve our communities or services, so get in touch!

    Contact Sarah McQuatt

    Email: sarah@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Pete Bartlett

    Development Surveyor/Clerk of Works

    Contact Pete Bartlett

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: peteb@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Bridget Petty

    Community Land Trust Development Manager (Maternity Leave)

    Contact Bridget Petty

    Phone: 0117 970 3073 Email: bridget@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Riannan Martinson

    Community Land Trust Development Manager (Maternity Cover)

    Contact Riannan Martinson

    Phone: 0117 9703 073 Email: riannanm@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Brian Rowe

    Development Support Officer

    Contact Brian Rowe

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: brianr@unitedcommunities.org.uk

Finance Team

  • Steve Irwin

    Finance Manager

    Steve has a busy job looking after the day to day functionality of the Finance Department. He produces monthly management accounts and budgets for review and works towards the production of the year end accounts for the annual external audit.

    Steve recently celebrated his 10th year with us as he joined the team in 2004!

    Contact Steve Irwin

    Email: stevei@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Fran Wallis

    AAT Qualified
    Senior Finance Assistant

    Fran came to United Communities in November 2014 after gaining 30 years housing experience at Bristol City Council. She is in a newly created role which involves purchase ledger and helping the finance manager with day to day accountancy issues.

    Fran is an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan and has supported them for over 35 years. She also keeps the finance team supplied with a regular supply of cakes and biscuits!

    Contact Fran Wallis

    Phone: 0117 9440592 Email: franw@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Seb Kaur

    BA Hons Social Policy
    Corporate Services Officer

    Contact Seb Kaur

    Phone: 0117 942 4600 Email: seb@unitedcommunities.org.uk
  • Julie Kemery

    Finance Assistant

    Julie joined United Communities in 2014 to work on the Rent Ledger, making sure payments are posted and tenants’ accounts are kept up to date.

    Contact Julie Kemery

    Phone: 0117 405 8583 Email: julie@unitedcommunities.org.uk

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