About us

United Communities was established on 1st April 2013 when two Bristol-based housing associations, Bristol Community Housing Foundation (BCHF) and United Housing Association (UHA), began working together in partnership.  Together we manage just over 1,800 homes across the wider Bristol area and Swindon.  The vast majority of our homes are for general social housing residents but we also have a number of shared ownership homes.

At United Communities we are committed to delivering More Than Just a Roof for all our customers.  This means going the extra mile and striving to have a positive impact on all our residents’ lives by providing great homes and communities across the wider Bristol area.

BCHF and UHA agreed to work together because we both have strong roots in our diverse local communities which we didn’t want to lose, but we could also see the challenges ahead posed by Welfare Reform and austerity measures.   While BCHF and UHA remain legally separate entities, we work with one staff team and shared Board Members.  By coming together we have therefore already been able to create real efficiencies which will allow us to continually improve the services we offer our existing residents and to carry on building much-needed new homes in Bristol.

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